Project team is discussing with clients about how their product should work. After a healthy project discussion (and a few direct messages amongst team members), the team is ready to being creating a spec doc.

Business Requirements

What began as a conceptual discussion is now a thorough, specifications doc for project stakeholders to reference. A few notes were left, questions resolved, and now the team is ready to execute the project plan.

Project Milestones

Project manager maps out milestones with timelines so client and project members can track their progress together. Project managers can also create and hide certain milestones from clients for internal purposes.

Workflow & Task Management

Robust tasks -- complete with subtasks, due dates, task comments, and files -- are assigned to project members and tied to milestones. Once these tasks are completed, milestone progress is automated.

Project Assets

The team can rest easy knowing that all project discussions, specs and files are right here, organized with their project -- no more searching through their bevy of cloud storage accounts or emails to find the items they need.

Organizational Oversight

Project managers (admins) can reference the Overview screens to keep an eye across all projects and teammate workloads to maximize team output and minimize managerial guesswork.